Our Story

Makers can change the world and our current world needs them. Makers are highly paid for their sensibilities, ingenious problem solving abilities and understanding complexities of any system out there and turn an abstract idea into tangible, usable, pleasurable realities called products, services, systems, etc. We need more of these skills for the future world and to nurture them is a lot of hard work.

The funds generated by Pi Foundation will be used in the making of the makers for India.

We have too many problems and all we need is great problem solvers. The needed ability, ingenuity, agency is flowing in our blood in the form of Jugaad. Time to up the game and solve some of the looming wicked problems.

This needs a lot of heads, hands and deep pockets. Here is a simple attempt to give immense value, generate funds and make ingenious problem solvers from all corners of India 🇮🇳

The brain behind the madness

Karthi Subbaraman

Karthi Subbaraman, runs and leads Pi Foundation. In past, it has taken several names and forms before but finally, we've found the right space and name through which Karthi dedicates her life to transforming makers.

Is Pifo Not for Profit?

Pi Foundation is a registered Not for Profit in India.

Any Donation, product or subscription purchased directly supports the volunteers of PiFo.

Support our Vision

You can donate any amount anytime from your heart. You can also support us by buying memberships, courses, circles and products. If nothing speaks to you just buy us a simple filter coffee ☕️

The foundation financials will be updated every quarter and you will see how your support has helped a maker in India 🇮🇳