Community Playbook


Steal it if you want to run your own clubs at your workplaces or your cities or your circles. The anthropologist and the operations manager in me got together and came up with the following.

Find a Golden Thread

The why of your club is that thread that ties your community together. Eg: Our makers club is to learn and grow as makers together.

Create a safe space to learn

We learn in many ways. Some learn actively. Some learn passively. Some learn reflectively. Create a safe space for all of us to learn our way. Eg: we have our sprinters group that is active about accountability. Our other groups are passive learning groups.

Reduce number of synchronous activities

Everyone is busy. Sync causes dissonance and FOMO. Make all things async and reduce the amount of time you take away from people. It was a hard learning from last year. Eg: we have only networking events in person. The rest is all async.

Quarterly Catchups

Once in a quarter, catch up in your cities or virtually for a networking session. Have a gala time. Quality of relationships improve in-person. Eg: quarterly catch up

Operate sprint wise

Showcase little wins from every sprint and celebrate them 🤩 send out a note to all folks like a round up and share your reflections and learnings. Eg: a sprint of two weeks is easy for everyone to commit or not commit. Keep it simple and realistic. This way in a year as a tribe you learn a lot more than otherwise. 26 sprints and that is lots.

Consistency is hard and boring. With the help of tribe you can rise faster. A little nudge. A little pat. A little win. You go a long way.

If the above speaks to you, we do all of it in our Makers Club. It is free. Come join us. Belong and get better.

Join Club ↝